The Food Dood Unbridled!

After three decades in corporate journalism, Dave Cathey (The Food Dood) has launched a series of new ventures, including the Food Dood Feed. The Feed will issue news from Oklahoma City’s burgeoning diningscape, reviews of its restaurants and anywhere the Food Dood ventures.

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Covering the food-service industry for 14 years developed the Food Dood’s distinctive point of view. That inspired the Food Dood to launch a new production and marketing company called Foodiciary. Subscribers will be the first invited to exclusive events and content for people who seek a path to culinary adventure and/or enlightenment.

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The Food Dood continues his coverage of the 405 diningscape with news, and reviews plus Foodiciary kitchen tips, techniques and views.


Dave Cathey 

Oklahoma City's friendly neighborhood Food Dood has 32 years experience as a journalist, including the last 14 as a food writer, and columnist.